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Dorset Socialists – Constitution
If you would like to join or find out more about Dorset Socialists email us at: Annual Membership (June to June) is £10 waged £5 unwaged and £2 students Details needed for membership are:
Name Address Union (if any)  & Branch Phone Email address
Dorset Socialists Dorset Socialists is an open, local, socialist grouping which exists to promote socialist education and debate, political campaigning and trade union action in Dorset. It is open to members of all other groups and none. The only condition is agreement with the basic principles, which are outlined under the ‘Principles & Constitution’ link. If you are an individual socialist or a member of a socialist party we would wholeheartedly welcome your involvement and participation in Dorset Socialists. The crisis for socialists has never been so acute as it is now.  Separated we are weaker than we need to be to face the challenge of the economic crisis, the attack on living standards of working people and the Nazi threat of the BNP - we need to unite on basic principles and pursue common action in support of those issues in Dorset. Here and Now!  
Principles • Against Racism: DS opposes the Nazi poison of the BNP and supports the Unite Against Fascism group; • Internationalism: DS supports all workers in struggle, irrespective of nationality, race or creed; • Against Bigotry: DS opposes homophobia, sexism, religious hatred and all forms of discrimination; • Against War: DS promotes membership and support of the Stop the War Coalition. It supports the people of Gaza and     opposes the Israeli occupation of Palestine, whilst firmly resisting Anti-Semitism; • Against the EU: DS opposes the EU which it sees as a bosses’ club, but supports international cooperation amongst     European workers. For this reason DS opposes the slogan “British Jobs For British Workers”, and promotes unity amongst     workers of different nationalities; • For Democracy: DS supports proportional representation and financial responsibility. DS calls for nationalisation of transport,      utilities and the banks. Bankrupt firms should be nationalised; • For Homes: DS calls for former council homes to be taken back by councils and for an emergency programme of council     house building and repairs. • For Defence of a fully Public NHS: DS calls for an end to privatisation by stealth and for all aspects of social care to be     brought within the public sector. • DS is committed to the defence of the environment, recognising that climate change is a crucial challenge that is not, and     cannot be, addressed by capitalism. DS will support campaigns against pollution and destruction of the natural environment     and in favour of Green technology. DS supports the development of rail and social transport as opposed to the proliferation     of new roads.
Organisation • That DS shall elect a Convenor, a Treasurer, a Publicity Officer and a Membership Secretary. • That DS shall meet monthly on the first Saturday of each month, except where public holidays may make this impractical,     and shall invite speakers on local and national matters of importance or debate. This shall be the Convenor’s responsibility; • That the Publicity Officer be responsible for the establishment and maintenance of a website, and be consulted over any     press intervention; • That officers may be elected or recalled at any General Meeting which shall be held at least annually, in June, or may be     requisitioned at any time on the written request of at least 5 members or 10% of the membership, whichever is greater; • That changes to this Proposal, or the Principles, may be made only at the Annual General Meeting, as above, with a 2/3     majority of those present and entitled to vote being required; • That membership fees be agreed at the AGM [ for 2009/10 fees were agreed as follows:  Waged - £10, Unwaged and     Pensioners - £5, Students - £2] ; • That the Officers are authorised to appeal for additional funding, e.g. room collections; • That funds be permitted to be spent on meetings premises, speakers’ costs, political campaigning (including electoral) in     support of the Principles and assistance with excessive travelling costs by members where hardship may otherwise be incurred    (at the discretion of Officers). • That this meeting agrees to set up a bank account with Unity Bank, whose signatories will be the Officers, with 2 signatures    of 3 required. • That any refusal or withdrawal of membership (by the Officers unanimously) may be appealed to the next monthly meeting    and subject to a simple majority vote of those present and entitled to do so.  • On the termination of the Bank account, any remaining monies will be paid to a workers' cause democratically decided by a    terminal meeting of DS.  • Authentic Trade Union and socialist organizations may affiliate to DS, subject to the agreement of a formal meeting. The     minimum cost of affiliation shall be equal to the annual membership fee of 2 members, excluding concessions.  If a member     joins, or a body affiliates in the last meeting prior to AGM, that shall be considered as valid for the upcoming year. Affiliated     bodies may bring motions to the AGM without a seconder as long as that motion has the voted support  of the relevant     affiliate.  The Officers shall make the relevant changes to the Constitution. Elections • That any electoral intervention must be discussed and agreed in advance at a monthly meeting by a majority vote; • That any candidate must submit him or herself to a duly convened meeting for  endorsement prior to any use of the DS logo     (Independent – Dorset Socialists)
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