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        Meet every month at The Colliton Club, Colliton House, Colliton Park, Dorchester, Dorset DT1 1XJ    
Very useful guide to countering the myths about the ‘need to cut’.
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Individual members - including members of other organisations. Affiliated organisations: Dorset Socialist Workers Party Dorset Left Unity Dorset Communist Party of Britain
Dorset Socialists
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MENA Solidarity Network Solidarity with Workers in the Middle East
Solidarity with Gaza.   Stop the Israeli genocide. This ghastly parallel with the Warsaw Ghetto seems lost on the Israeli murderers.
for left unity in action
Dorset Left Unity
Dorset Socialists is an open socialist membership organisation which exists to promote socialist education & debate, political campaigning & trade union action in Dorset. All socialists are very, very welcome to attend our monthly meetings. DS members are proud of the group’s track record in conducting debate in a vigorous yet non-sectarian & comradely manner.
Next meeting:             REFUGEES AT THE BORDER Speaker: Manda Brown & Lynne Hubbard   Saturday 3 March 1.30pm Colliton Club, Dorchester, DT1 1XJ
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Mass arrests and a homophobic media witch-hunt target LGBT Egyptians
A vicious homophobic campaign is underway in Egypt following the arrest of seven people alleged to have raised the rainbow flag during a concert in Cairo on 22 September. According to the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) the crackdown has led to over 50 arrests of people across the country based on their sexuality or perceived sexuality. An orchestrated campaign in the media condemning LGBT people as ‘criminals’ and ‘deviants’……… Full story: arrests-and-a-homophobia-media-witch-hunt-target-lgbt- egyptians/
“The violent actions of the Spanish police towards people trying to vote in Catalonia's independence referendum last Sunday was atrocious. Reports say that over 800 people were injured as the Guardian Civil attacked voters and seine do ballot boxes. The Spanish government in Madrid of Mariano Rajoy clearly sought to terrify people in Catalonia and to deny them the democratic right to vote. We welcome the mass demonstrations and the general strike by workers in Catalonia to oppose the repression. Between one and two million Catalans have marched annually demanding a referendum on independence from Spain. Rajoy has repeatedly refused to call it. Catalans have a right to decide their own future. The movement on the streets of Barcelona and other cities is not only fighting for independence, but also for the right of those don't want independence to have their voice heard. We also welcome the statements by Jeremy Corbyn condemning the violence. We demand that the Tory government in Britain also condemn the violence and agree to respect the outcome of the vote on independence. We support initiatives to defend the right of people in Catalonia to choose and to vote. Stop the repression, Rajoy must go!”.
Catalunya: Motion passed by Dorset Socialists 7 October 2017
As capitalism’s ongoing, and as yet unresolved, crisis continue to wreak havoc on working people around the globe the imperialism which flows directly from capitalism’s internal logic is played out by the capitalist powers (US, Russian Federation, UK et al) in the wider Middle East most notably.  The hell on earth unleashed on civilians in the region by war-mongering capitalist states has its inevitable consequence in the ongoing refugee crisis where extreme human want is matched only by the conscious callousness and indifference of our rulers.